Mahbubeh by Sahand Heshmati Afshar

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Mahbubeh is an artist book that urns a collection of narratives from touching a plant to ancient history, from tablets to amputated bodies after an explosion. This autoethnographic collection stages the author’s experience with the US Department of Homeland Security (US DHS) in poems, images, and an essay; via various printing methods and materials. Mahbubeh lands a plant, an archive of tablets, and a tool in Counter-terrorism Studies; designed as an identificatory. The poems are apostrophe constraint writings that perform the phases of the interrogation by US DHS in English and Farsi.

Mahbubeh, Sahand Heshmati Afshar, Author, Amira Hegazy, Bookmaker, Irene Wa., Graphic Designer, Poor Farm Press, ISBN:978-0-578-92914-9, Laval Bookcloth velvet flocked (velour), Iris Bookcloth, Rice Paper, and Fluorescent Green Acrylic via
 Inkjet Print, Letterpress, Risograph, Silkscreen Printing, Hot Foil Stamp Printing, Laser Engraving. 2021.