Work From Home, 2014

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The reference monograph on Michelle Grabner, this volume offers an expansive look at an artist whose body of work and sphere of influence continue to gain recognition. Published on the occasion of the Grabner’s career survey at the MOCA Cleveland, the book documents works from the last 20 years, including paintings, drawings, prints, videos, and sculptures, positioning the studio as core to the artist’s remarkably diverse output. Considering her pursuit of art making, criticism, and curating as inextricably linked, this publication seeks to highlight the distinctive values and ideas that drive Grabner’s practice: working outside of dominant systems, working tirelessly, and working across platforms.

David Norr’s essay provides an in-depth study of Grabner’s evolution as an artist, critic, and curator, and how these practices, together, reflect an ethical engagement with the studio. Rose Bouthillier looks at Grabner’s collaborative video practice and its relationship to suburban life. Molly Zuckerman-Hartung reads Grabner’s practice through the frame of teaching and conceptual practice, while Dan Byers lays out the possible relationships between abstraction and community through the metaphor of architecture. An interview by David Robbins provides great insight into the impetus for building The Suburban, Grabner and Brad Killam’s project space in Oak Park, IL, while Peter Ribic, one of Grabner’s sons, reflects on growing up with contemporary art in his back yard.

Published by: Mousse Publishing and MOCA Cleveland
Softcover, 200 pages
ISBN: 978-867490950

For more information, please visit MOCA Cleveland.