One Hundred Patterns & Three Heuristics (Green Gallery Press, 2023)

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by Chuck Stebelton

Poetry / Art

One Hundred Patterns and Three Heuristics responds and corresponds to artist Michelle Grabner’s late 2021 exhibition by the same title, inspired by Grabner’s perpetual interest in patterns of collective continuance within fields of wondrous difference. In One Hundred Patterns and Three Heuristics we see an exacting use of quotation, repetition, and difference in the pattern field where language harmonizes with itself: Echo, regard this // House finch, / rosefinch, fringilline.  

Landscape, habitat, flora, fauna, art. Each of these things can be fragmented to a perilously small presence as priority and bandwidth are granted to so-called "information" at the expense of intimacy and direct observation. Here poetry is a preserve of presence and humor, human emotion and attention to language. 112 pages.